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conferees held their first formal meeting. secretary sebelius testified before congress on nsa officials testified as well on their spying programs. the farm bill conferees have begin negotiations. what is your top story this week? we will go through the papers on "washington journal." we want to know what you think the most important story is. , numbers on your phone. us on social media or leave a comment on our twitter feed. make a comment on our facebook page. address --r e-mail our lead story in the washington post is restrained nsa. mounting revelations about the extent of federal surveillance. push forving her a new significant legislative action from an industry that long tried to stay above the fray in washington. after months of calling for the government to be more transparent about its surveillance programs, tech leaders have begun demanding substantial new restraints on the national security agenc y's collection of information across the globe. the pivot marks and aggressive new posture -- marks and aggressive new posture. attentionvoting more to blunting p
.m. >> at today's white house briefing, secretary jay carney answered questions about also senate legislation to ban workplace discrimination against gay people. this is an hour and 10 minutes. >> do we have some fans here? there must be. but a call for the chicago blackhawks event. anyone who is going there should not feel badly at all if they get up and leave. i will understand. or we could just end it when it is time to go. it is up to you. a couple of toppers for you on this good monday. tomorrow, the president will host a meeting in the roosevelt room with top business leaders to discuss the importance of getting immigration reform done. immigration reform will reduce the deficit by nearly $850 billion over the first 20 years and it will grow the economy by $1.4 trillion over 20 years, which adds 5.4% to the gdp by 2033. it has broad bipartisan support from democrats and republicans, labor leaders, law enforcement, and faith leaders. the president is willing to work with the blonde both sides of the aisle to get things done. it is good for business. it is good for our economy
. sebelius hold up the data service as an example of what was working well with hub crashedhe data and took down the entire functionality with it. problems emerging, how should americans be confident these problems will be fixed at the end of october? verizon as you know, successfully resolve the problem overnight and as of 7:00 a.m. eastern time this morning, the data services were fully operational. the team continues to troubleshoot the issues with the account creation theess and has opened enrollment tools back up to consumers. this was a part of the website that led to the website shutting down. it is now up and running again. problemsre are new emerging, separate from what we learned about in the first few weeks, doesn't that make it more likely that these problems will not be solved in the time limit -- now. we have several teams, many qualifiedighly experts addressing the identified and isolated problems that do exist and have existed with the website. and they are fixing them incrementally. that work continues. the improvements are happening every day.
, millions of americans are already benefitting and there are benefits that are not tied to some madam secretary, let's clarify what's working. is it correct to say many of the improvements that the aca makes to employer coverage and medicare were the vast majority of americans receive their coverage are not dependent on >> that's correct. >> so the delays and problems with do not affect the millions of individuals thanks to the aca who no longer have to worry about lifetime monetary caps on their coverage that previously sent them to bankruptcy? >> that's absolutely true. i think the quote that the president was quoted recently saying if you have health care, you can -- you don't have to sign up for the new marketplace was referring to the large portion, the 95% of insured americans who plans are solid and stay in place and move forward. >> i understand the frustration with the website. i don't know why people are not similarly outraged by the lack of medicaid coverage in many of our states. do you find that hip critical? >> i think it's
announcing a major enforcement action with healthcare joined by other federal officials at the justice department. >> good morning, thank you all for being here. i am going by the associate journal, assistant attorney general, the united states attorney for the eastern district of pennsylvania, the u.s. attorney for the district of massachusetts, first assistant united states attorney for the northern district of california, and the deputy inspector general for investigations of the department of health and human services. we are here today to announce the johnson and johnson and three of its subsidiaries have agreed to pay more than two point $2 billion to resolve criminal and civil claims they marketed protrusion drugs for uses that were never approved, safe, or affective. these were kickbacks to physicians and pharmacies to prescribing these drugs. through these alleged acts from these companies, they line their the money of american taxpayers and private insurance industry. they drove up costs for everyone in the health care system and negatively impacted the long- term solvency o
, there's been user problem after user problem after user problem. regarding, your dputty administrator for consumer information, gary cohen, testified one month ago, where we are sitting, that cms has worked hard to test the infrastructure that will allow americans to enroll in coverage confidently and simply and securely, end quote. and yet according to forbes, and the wall street journal, you told them that you need five years of construction and one year of testing. the program crashed and burned at least three times and the user is still having problems. it's been down the whole time you've been testifying. the system is down at this moment. my question, ma'am is very simple. when did you know these changes were going down? a month, a day, a quarter? and did you tell the president what you knew? >> sir, i was informed that we were ready to launch on october 1st and the contractors who we had as our private partners told us and told this committee that they had never suggested the delay and that is accurate. our cms team felt we were ready to go. i told the president t
, -- kathleen sebelius and he hotseat over live coverage on c-span3 at 9:00 a.m. be toutingbama will the affordable care act in boston at the same place that mitt romney signed into law his health care initiative. that coverage also on c-span. sticking with the president today -- peter baker in the new writes about the accountability on the nsa spying issue. here's peter baker's headline. post, bye washington scott wilson, controversies show how obama's inattention to detail may hurt his presidential legacy. we want to get your thoughts on this. republicans, (202) 585-3881. democrats, (202) 585-3880. independents, (202) 585-3882. tweet, @cspanwj. you can also post your comments on facebook or e-mail us. on both fronts on the nsa and the health care law, president obama's! down to this -- i did not know. no president can be aware of everything going on in a sprawling government that he theoretically manage. -- theoretically manages. this constant questions about how much in charge he really is. days, the president's health and human services secretary said that the -- that despi
at established by the department of health and human services as part of this investigation. we're writing to request information related to voter registration data collected during the application process. on further down, the letter says, while h.h.s. and its contractors continue to struggle with the task of processing applications for health insurance coverage, the agency uses the website to collect voter registration information. once an applicant completes the online application for health care coverage, a dialogue box appears asking, would you like to register to vote? in light of the national voter registration act of 1993, also known as the motor voter act, which requires any agency that provides public assistance to provide individuals with an opportunity to register to vote, the department decided to include the voter registration option on the health care application. the inclusion of this voter registration may give applicants the impression that registering to vote is somehow tied to receiving health care benefits, such as insurance subsidies. given the well-documen
on the implementation of the affordable care act and the website. halfling sebelius testified -- kathleen sebelius does divide on wednesday and apologized for the flaws of the website as it was launched october 1. >> thank you. members of the committee, i left my position as governor of kansas for the opportunity to continue the work i've been doing for most of my over 35 years of public service to expand opportunities for all americans, gardens of geography or gender or income to have affordable health coverage. during my years as a state is a governor, a two-term i have worked on that effort that i care deeply about. there are still millions of americans who are uninsured as well as underinsured. forle have some coverage some illness, but had no real protection from financial ruin and no confidence he will take care of themselves and their families if they have an accident or an illness. and for them a new day has finally come. in these early weeks, access to has been miserably frustrating experience for way too many americans. including many who have waiting sometimes th
and negatively impacted the long-term solvency of the central healthcare programs by medicare. this global settlement resolves these companies, they lined their pockets with the money of american taxpayers and private insurance industry. multiple investigations involving the ente psychotic drugs and other johnson & johnson products. the settlement also addresses allegations of conduct that recklessly put at risk the health of some of the most vulnerable members of our society including children, the elderly, and the disabled. the criminal information that was filed today alleges that the johnson and johnson subsidiary, janssen violated a drug for unapproved uses. clearly, they admit they use this drug to healthcare providers for the treatment of psychotic symptoms and associated behaviors. it was exhibited by the elderly, non-schizophrenic patients who suffered from dementia. even though the drug was proved -- approved only to treat schizophrenia. and separately filed complaints, johnson and johnson and janssen promoted ripodol to retirement homes. the companies allegedly downgraded the se
hill. that will be coming up next later on. look at the other aspects of the health-care law. the new information on that as well. all that and more as "washington journal" continues after this. ♪ montana became a state in 1889. it took us about 10 years to get our ducks in a row. then we added two wings on either side of the building in 1912. in 1999 the building underwent a huge restoration project to from thatits grander 1902. what you see today is what it would've looked like about a hundred years ago. >> along with discoverers of the gold the west, last chance gulch really was one of the major 1819 aries and some million dollars in currency was taken out of this place. it is a town where there was a lot of money. they say that there were more millionaires per capita here in helena than in any other place in the 1890s. there's never been proven. it is a legend. but it is a place where you can see the wealth that was poured into the community in the 1880s and 1890s. later in helena the nickname the queen city of the rockies because of that. ♪ >> spend this weekend exploring mon
level. it calls for the choice of join the expansion. roughly half decided to do so. websites signed funner private health insurance those with incomes above the 133% threshold. medicaid is part of the care act. remind people what part it plays. > medicaid is a federal health state insurance program -- beg your pardon, a federal and state insurance program for the poor and disabled. the supreme court did make that expansion optional. $16,000, duals up to it could be part of medicaid, the federal government picks up expansion for the first three years for states and tapers down 90% thereafter. part of the expansion. it's really aimed at childless matter many of whom no how low the income was in states could not have qualified for before. >> pat from medford, new jersey, insured line. hello? >> yes. thank you very much for your show. to ask this rying question for quite possibly two weeks. could answer the question for me? >> i will try. person, : i, like the the caller before, i'm 6'2". i'm disabled and have been for years. i am -- i am on medicare. okay? because o
frustrated with the flawed rollout of, i do appreciate your longstanding commitment to improving the health care options for all americans. and fixing this website quickly. i think it's important to note that in my home state of california, and other states, as well, the new exchange marketplace, we call it covered california, is working. and rates are as much as 29% less than those that they found on the marketplace last year. i'm thankful my constituents now have this option, and as i look around to implementation nationwide, it seems clear to me that political decisions in individual states have really made the difference for consumers. the governors and legislators, state legislators, that embraced this law are delivering for their communities, but those elected who are trying to ignore the opportunities presented and continue to throw up roadblocks should not now seem surprised that there are significant bumps along the way. this seems, to me, to be completely disingenuous. having embraced the law since open enrollment began october 1st, californians have starte
? not just but all of the exchanges? >> sir -- >> how difficult is that figure to give me or if you can't give it to me, could you send it to me? >> i would like to get it to you in writing very quickly. >> madame secretary -- i don't know how much time i have left but i would like to talk about a couple businesses in my district who are struggling with how to move forward. one is a manufacturing and one is pet boarding and training business and one has 85 employees and others have 46. this is another example of the government picking winners and losers. we're the losers. there is no way i can be competitive if i have to raise prices to cover 170,000. do not pay penalty. raise prices and go out of business. layoff 35 employees and move more production from this country and here's a quote from the other. since they are high labor low margin business cannot afford to pay insurance for employees we're forced to close our business through bankruptcy because there are heavy financial obligations that continue whether we operate or not or five enough employees to get under 50 em
, two very different pictures of the new health-care law were painted yesterday with president obama touting the affordable care act in a speech in boston. just hours before that, his health and human services secretary cap points of bilious -- health and human services uscretary kathleen sebeli repeatedly told lawmakers to hold her report filed -- to hold her responsible for the heard the rocky start. we are asking viewers whether you think it is appropriate to holder to blame, and who should be held responsible and what should happen next. republicans can call in at (202) 585-3881. democrats --(202) 585-3880. independents, (202) 585-3882. if you are outside the u.s., it is (202) 585-3883. you can also catch up with us on all of your favorite social media pages, on twitter and facebook or e-mail us journal@c- a very good thursday morning to you. halloween morning. lots of stories, lots of front- page stories about cap lanes of bilious -- about kathleen sebeli us. website'sfor the flaws." hold me accountable, she tells the panel. the story in today's "wall street journal,"
. in these early weeks, access to has been a miserably frustrating experience for way too many americans. including many who have waited years, in some cases their entire lives, for the security of health insurance. i am as frustrated and angry as anyone with the flawed launch of so let me say directly to these americans, you deserve better. i apologize. i am accountable to you for fixing these problems. i am committed to earning your confidence back by fixing the site. we are working day and night and we will continue until it is fixed. we have recently added new management talent, additional expertise, and a new general contractor to fix the system in two broad categories. performance and function. our extensive assessment has determined that the website is fixable. i want to outline some of the improvements. we have more users successfully creating accounts. we can process 17,000 account registrations per hour. 5 per second. users can now see whether they are eligible for financial assistance and make more informed decisions. consumers can shop for plans quic
, and pensions committee. her agency is responsible for overseeing the website. that hearing will be live at 10:00 a.m. eastern live on c- span. a day later, hhs secretary kathleen sebelius will testify before this -- the senate finance committee. we will have that live wednesday at 10 a.m. eastern, also here on c-span. >> what's the most important issue congress should consider in 2014? that's the question for middle and high school students in c- span's "student can" video competition. make it 5-7 minute documentary that shows a variant points of view and includes c-span video for your chance to win the grand prize of $5,000. this year, we have double the number of winners in total prizes. entries must be in by january 20, 2014. need more information? go to "newsmakers"next, with agriculture sector a tom bill sat. he talks about the farm bill and its ties to the u.s. economy. after a hearing -- after that, a hearing on stand your ground laws. at 8:00 p.m. eastern, "q&a" with author stephen kinzer or it he talks about his book which chronicles the lives of jo
and states. these have the added benefit of improving quality, -- quality outcomes within the health-care system. so before we continue to obsessively but benefits on the table, i would hope to begin the dialogue about finding solutions that produce health-care cost savings. i am confident that if both parties do in washington what the people do every day in the state of wisconsin, put progress ahead of politics, we can break the destructive pattern and make that progress. >> thank you. senator wicker. >> we need to find solutions. charts wereson's painful, but they make the point that has been made over and over today. that is that we have a debt crisis and we are still headed in the wrong direction. as senator sessions began, the deficit is down but on a temporary basis. it will soon rise again to $1 trillion per year. we are in a week recovery and have not turned the corner and should not approach the budget as if we can turn the corner -- we have turned the corner. nobody likes sequestration. i do not like sequestration. but i can live with that. under sequestration, discretionary sp
for the issues on the website since his rollout. maryland testified before the house ways and means committee. a congressman chairs this three- hour hearing. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> this hearing will come to order. good morning. i would like to welcome marilyn tavener, the administrator at the center for medicare and medicaid services. welcome to the committee today. i look forward to your testimony. i look forward to the hearing to really get an honest, straightforward assessment of the status of the health care law. six months ago, health and human services secretary sebelius told this committee a dozen times the administration will be ready on october 1. we now know the administration was not ready and they could have used five years to get the exchange is up and running. despite having more than three years to get the system up and running, officials at the center for medicare and medicaid services, who are charged with implementing the exchanges, has added -- "due to a compress
with the website is "unfortunately on a subset of contracts for that have not met expectations. is it the contracts that have not made the expectations, or is it the contractors implementing the contracts that have not met expectations? >> i am not sure which part you are referring to. >> the part on page two of your testimony. "unfortunately a subset of the contest for have not met expectations." is it the contracts that have not met expectations or specs of -- specifications of the contracts not properly developed or properly executed, or probably in committed, or is it the contracts themselves, that have not performed properly echo >> i think, in the case of the -- and we have been working with a contractor, we had issues with timing and delivery. >> who is the contractor? it is the contractor in that meetingnot expectations? >> we are working with them. are there provisions in the contract with that company that is a perfect -- fails to perform in any way, that it is to repay or refund back to the government, for funds you have allocated to it for the purpose
for abuse. frustration with the ministration of the program, especially, when frustration public and skepticism about a government run program, do you think that makes it harder for people to trust the ministration of other government run programs? >> it is frustrating because a number of government programs are operating quite well. i'm proud to say that in this administration we have reached lows in error rates in those programs. it is something we will continue focus on. people will not realize that carried out investigations of individuals in program to make sure they were getting the benefits that they were deserving. we are focusing on the businesses that are part of spending and benefiting from this program, and making sure that it was appropriate. we saw 1400 businesses last year that were disqualified from participation. we are really making sure this --ilable is available to the making sure that this program is available to the people that need it. it is a program that i think consistently has been looking at reductions in error rates and fraud rates, and we will
,000 teachers. 60,000 of whom are women. healthcare many improved. significantlyty down. refugeeslion afghan who fled to pakistan have returned home. that 67% of the a mostan people in recent survey think that the afghan war was not worth fighting? how did that happen? the picture is much, number.tter than that i just don't believe that the american people have had a fair or fuller picture of the events in afghanistan. that the press has story. a good it hasn't missed the problems. it has missed the progress. our peoplesion that't come from it comes from what they read or hear or see and what they have sort of a steady diet of all of the problems, which is fair game. and they should be brought into the light and disclosed and written about and talked about. but what has been missing, i believe, is the part of the afghan story which represents real progress so that the american people have been the sense ofnied partial or at least success which i believe they the entitled to because of loss of blood and treasure by our people. i think it is a sad -- it is that our people don't have that
implementing the health care law and about also, the house intelligence nsaittee will examine surveillance programs. witnesses will include james clapper, james cole, and keith alexander. >> defense secretary chuck hagel held a news conference with the defense minister of new zealand. he was asked about nsa spying and iran's nuclear program. this is 15 minutes. >> afternoon. aftert afternoon -- good noon. jonathan coleman and i just finished a working lunch where we reinforced of the close ties between the united states and new zealand. having fought together in every major conflict of the last century, including afghanistan, our bonds are rooted in common interests but also in the history and values we share. our partnership is important. it is important to peace and prosperity in the asia-pacific and the united states remains committed to strengthening this partnership as one opponent of our rebalance to the region. we emphasized the significant progress we have made in expanding our defense cooperation since the washington declaration was signed last year. in addition to hi
about health care and from bill on the ways and means -- bill pascal -- bill pascrell of the ways and means committee. >> at the last meeting the fed decided not to reduce bond buying, which was a surprise decision at the time in light of what the associated press called the tepid economic recovery, the decision to continue bond buying is expected out of this week's meeting. capital hill, meanwhile, there is a senate hearing to discuss state capital defense laws with stand your ground provisions. fulton, the mother of trayvon martin, the mother of the boy who was killed by the neighborhood watch captain in florida, george zimmerman, she is wanting states to clarify the definition of stand your ground. the first of two house hearings in the rollout of the affordable act hearing today, the ways and means committee needs to hear testimony from maryland cap and are, considered to be the official closest to the day to day implementation of the website. you can watch live coverage of this hearing on c-span three or listen to it on c-span radio. the gavel comes
it in its entirety at 10:35 eastern time. reporting this morning that has gone dark over the weekend. you try to login this morning, it is unavailable. just part of the problems that has been facing. the department of health and human services will be making updates to the application and enrollment tools. the website is expected to be back sometime after 9 a.m. this morning. from new york, michael is joining us. caller: one of the biggest problems we face in america today is the outsourcing of american jobs. ahead, bute can get we need to start creating industry here. congress has a big problem. there is a message for you, there is where the broken wheel lives. join and fixte and this problem with unemployment in america. are going to have to see both parties come together. as far as the fanatical organization goes, i think they also need to look at the core facts that america has to go back to work. everyone has to join together. that goes all the way up to the top. we have to unite the country. bring it back together. thank you for sharing your thoughts
can go onto the state marketplace or onto and look up other policies. has had some problems. toy have made some changes the website where people can browse plans and get an idea or estimate on premiums. thaty experts say to do and maybe talk to an independent broker. get some help to understand this. i'm something comparable and enroll in that. byis ok -- if you enroll december 15, your coverage will start by january 1. host: joining us to answer your questions. they're editorially independent from the kaiser foundation. they are not affiliated with kaiser permanente. julius is here to answer your questions on the subject. a have the lines set up little differently this morning. we will start with character from jonesboro, georgia. he is on the line for those with employer insurance. good morning. caller: i have a comment on the question. , in thent is that --0s, reagan got rid of the this was when they were trying to stop him from getting out of the fairness act. race from thea corporate types to try to stop this. -- the corporate media has been ou
need to understand. >> i like to go back to, which is the website associated with signing up for requirement government sanctioned health care. marvin writes on behalf of his wife told by her insurer that due to health care reform effective 1/1/14, the policy will be terminate the as of january 1, 2014. when can she sign up for health care? >> does it go on to talk about other policies sore just that she's canceled and that it's? >> it said these cancel -- >> eligible and can. >> needs to sign up through the website. >> she can sign through the website or go to the individual issuer. >> time is expired. >> mr. besara. we appreciate you're being here. i think it's become very clear and i hope in all hearings that take place further, that we understand that we have to work together. it is unacceptable to have an important part of the health insurance program, this website not work the way it should. in fact, let me give you a quick example. there's a gentleman from los angeles, 34-year-old male, andrew striker and he's been reported in a number of press reports.
on yes or no? >> i don't know. >> i do, it's no. on october 15, politico reported that if the online system for getting into obamacare coverage is rickety, the system for getting out of the mandate doesn't even exist yet. h.h.s. says it will take another month at least for the administration to finalize the forms for the hardship exemption from the individual mandate. why has it taken 3 1/2 years to finalize a simple application form for an exemption from an individual mandate? >> as you know the individual mandate is not in place until next year. we have made it very clear that if somebody is medicaid eligible in a state that doesn't choose -- >> my last question, an estimated 16 million people in the individual market have or will receive cancellation notices stating their health insurance coverage does not meet minimum coverage requirements of the affordable care act. the bill specifically grants you, madam secretary, the power to determine the criteria for hardship exemption. will you provide all of these individuals a hardship exemption since the affordable ca
at the screen, several hours later, is still down. you promised the system would be ready on october 1st. you're clearly wrong. so before i leave you today, i would impress upon you this is more than a broken website. this is a broken law, millions of americans are getting notices their plans are being canceled. >> gentlelady's time is expired. i just -- i would do a couple of things here. first, i'm going to ask unanimous consent that the written opening statements for any member on the committee be interest dugsed into the record and without objection, the documents will be there. consent to put the document binder and other documents presented to the secretary during questioning into the record without objection. so ordered. let me say in conclusion, we do look forward to having you back in december to get an update on where we are. we'll work with your schedule to find a right time and date early that week. i want you to know we're going to want real numbers. you'll have them by then, is that right, in terms of signup? >> we'll have them by mid november. >> we look for
into the system. if you need health care coverage, you're going to hang in there on until you can get the coverage locked down. for others who may be on the fence about, do i need this, is a cheaper for me to pay the penalty, the concern is they might get frustrated and not persevere to sign up for health care coverage. host: there is an article in "the new york times" about that. >> see the rest of this discussion at going live to at the eye headquarters. president obama speaking at the installation ceremony this afternoon. james calm he was a deputy attorney general during the george w. bush administration. lex please be seated, everybody. -- >> please be seated everybody. >> good afternoon and welcome everyone. my name is sean joyce, deputy director of the at the eye. today we are truly honored to be joined by president barack obama. mr. president. [applause] mr. president, on behalf of every fbi employee, it is my crib wedge to welcome you back to fbi headquarters. [applause] >> we also have a number of other special guests here today, including former direc
so you can generate more interest in tele-medicine. we run a top -- health-care trust for our own member companies and their employees. we actually provide health insurance for tens of thousands of rural americans who work for providers. we changed to allow recovering payments for tele-medicine. but you have to get insurance providers thinking this is a covered service, then an initiative's will take off. but i'm very bullish on the opportunity for tele-medicine. if your parents live in a rural community, you can check on them, how do you use technology to make sure they open the fridge or the medicine cabinet. i think about the diagnostic things that can be done. it is pretty amazing. >> what can be done from washington with the statutes to encourage that sort of technology? at it fromhen i look our perspective, and you might get a different answer if you were talking to the mlk -- cineican tele-medi association, my guys need to be able to bill those networks. if they can't bill those networks -- dsl simply won't cut it. it is not fast enough to carry a lot of diagnostics. a lot
to sign up for healthcare. and then california congressman jeff denham talks about immigration reform and why he will join democrats in co-sponsoring a plan to give immigrants the chance to attain citizenship plus your emails, phone calls an tweets. ive at 7:00 eastern on c-span. >> john foster dulles had recently died when that airport was being recently built and president eisenhower announced it would be named dulles airport. after kennedy took over, he did not want to name it after him. finally the decision was made to name it after dulles. you can still see the film clip of kennedy opening the airport with eisenhower there and alan dulles there and he pulls back the curtain and behind the curtain is this giant bust of john foster dulles and that stands in the middle of this big airport. i went to see it while i was writing this book and i could no not find. i started asking the security guards where is the big bust of dulles. nobody had even heard of it. it was a long process and thanks to the airport authority, i discovered that the bust had been taken away from the middle of th
"how could be hacked." let me just quote from the article, "security experts say the federal health insurance website is vulnerable to a common technique that hackers use to steal personal information." as you know, i'm chairman of social security subcommittee and one of my longstanding priorities has been to protect americans' social security numbers. so, for the record, is obama care website 100% safe from hackers who can steal americans' personal information, including their social security numbers? yes or no? >> we follow all the standards to protect information, including social security numbers. >> are you trying to say yes? >> am i trying to say yes that we follow the standards to protect information? yes, sir. >> you know, folks are confused and scared. they've heard horror stories and are now experiencing them firsthand, how can they trust the federal government to not only fix the website, but more importantly, give them the assurance that their personal information will be safe and their health care will be affordable, that if they want to keep their cu
, -- outcomes within the health-care system. so before we continue to on thevely but benefits table, i would hope to begin the dialogue about finding solutions that produce health-care cost savings. i am confident that if both parties do in washington what the people do every day in the state of washington, put progress ahead of politics, we can break the destructive pattern and make that progress. >> thank you. senator wicker. -- thank you, mr. chairman. let me agree with senator baldwin, we need to have solutions and show the american people we are problem solvers. wereor johnson's chart's painful but make the point that has been made over and over today, and that is that we have a debt crisis in still headed in the wrong direction. the deficit is down but down on a temporary basis. it will soon rise again to $1 trillion per year. we are in a week recovery and have not turned the corner and should not approach the budget as if we can turn the corner -- we have turned the corner. no one liked sequestration. i do not like sequestration, but i can live with it. indeed, under sequestration dis
implementing the healthcare law. we will have that live that 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span three. also on c-span3@1:30 p.m. eastern, the house intelligence committee will examine and essays surveillance programs. witnesses are scheduled to include the director of national , deputy attorney general james cole, and general keith alexander. in a few moments, look at today's headlines and your calls live on "washington journal." the house of representatives is back in session it 10:00 a.m. for general speeches with legislative business at noon. today's agenda includes a bill that would disapprove of the debts of an increase that was approved earlier this month. in about 45 minutes, we will focus on intelligence gathering agencies, surveillance, and the use of drones. at 8:30 a.m. eastern, we will be joined by representative bill pascrell, a member of the ways and means committee to discuss their implementation of the affordable care act. he will take your questions about recovery from hurricane sandy. "washington journal" is next. host: welcome to washington journal on this october 29. it is a
health care line problems with the website. >> john foster dulles had recently died when a super airport was being built, and president-or -- president eisenhower immediately announced that it would be named dulles airport. while, kennedy did not want to name it, but there was pushed back, so they named it after dulles. you can still see the film footage of kennedy opening the airport with eisenhower there and allen dulles there, and he pulls becky korten, and behind the current is a giant bust -- he pulls back the curtain, and behind the curtain is a giant bust of dulles. i went to see it while i was writing this book, and i cannot find it. i started asking the security guards --where is the big bust of dulles? nobody had even ever heard of it. it was a long process, and finally, eggs to the washington airport authority, i was able to discover that the bust had been taken away from its place in the middle of the airport, and it is now in a closed conference room opposite baggage claim number three. i find this a wonderful metaphor for how the dulles brothers, who earth t
: on the website if and when you can get on that website, it promises. when are the false promises going to end? what do i say to gail in maryland who wrote me the quote, i've been informed of blue cross blue shield of maryland that i cannot keep my current coverage and will have to change my policy? i have to pay 53% more in premiums for coverage that is not as good. my husband and i will now have to pay at least $330 more per month for less coverage. mr. speaker, gail and her family will lose the plan they like and will have to pay almost $4,000 more per year for a plan that delivers less. mr. speaker, american families deserve better than false promises. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from maryland yields back. for what purpose does the gentleman from texas seek recognition? >> mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute and to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman from texas is recognized for one minute. mr. veasey: mr. speaker, i want to talk to you today about the importance o
. mr. lowenthal: the website glitches are truly unacceptable and they must be fixed as quickly as possible. however, the majority party is not talking about fixing the website. they are fixated on criticizing the affordable care act instead of helping the american public understand the act and receive the benefits of true affordable care. countless hours in committees, over 40 votes to repeal and delay, millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent on delaying, defunding, and undermining this law. throwing sticks into the spokes of the law will not help to make it better. i urge my colleagues to stop the obstruction and be part of the solution. thank you. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. for what purpose does the gentleman from wisconsin seek recognition? >> address the house for one minute. revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from wisconsin is recognized. >> thank you, mr. speaker. >> last week egyptian gun men attacked a wedding at the coptic christian ch
website. >> afghan healthcare? come on. >> i'm talking about the importance of storytelling in getting it into the education system and am wondering if you could talk about that along with the press that we need to get people interested because it's all about selling new ideas. we don't talk about complexity. we live in a complex system. finally, last night i saw a play afghanistan."n i think it's one of the most powerful plays of ever seen and i'm a performing arts junkie. i recommend everyone to go see it. it was fabulous. it addresses the things were talking about. it's a really important point. some youngought over afghan music students about six months ago. it was terrific. we brought them to the capital so that some of my colleagues could see. i think there were like eight students on afghan instruments at a music school which could have never existed and they are there preserving their heritage. it has an impact when people can see a play or whatever, of course it does. telling stories are important. the problem on the other side is , i'm not a good storyteller, by the way. i ad
,000 of them are women. healthcare, much improved. child mortality, significantly down. 5 million afghan refugees fled to pakistan and have returned home. how is it that 67% of the american people in the most recent survey think the afghan war was not worth fighting? how does that happen? the picture is much, much better than that number. i just don't believe that the american people have had a fair or more full picture of the events in afghanistan. i believe the press has missed a good story. it has not missed of the problems but it has missed the progress. the impression that our people get does not come from the ether but from what they read and hear and see. this is just a study move of the problems which is a steady gain and they should not we brought in the light, disclosed, talked about. what's been missing, i believe, is the part of the afghan story which represents real progress. the american people have been deprived, denied the sense of at least partial success that i believe they are entitled to because of the loss of blood and treasure by our people. i think it's sad that ou
energy and commerce committee about problem's encountered with the website. live coverage starts at nine: .astern on c-span3 president obama is at fbi headquarters this afternoon. he will deliver remarks at the installation ceremony as james komi who was sworn in as at the i rector last month who replaced robert mueller who stepped down after 12 years. he was a forward deputy attorney general during the george w. bush administration. startingatch that live at noon eastern on www.c- the jack kemp foundation is honoring jeb -- with its annual leadership award. that will include remarks by house speaker john boehner and south carolina senator tim scott. at five at 7:30 eastern. >> the courtship of bess wallace and harry truman began here, at her home in independence, missouri. >> when my grandfather visited independence, which was 26 miles from where he lived, he often stayed across the street at the nolan house, which is where his aunt and two cousins lived. one afternoon, he was over there with his cousins and his aunt brought in a cake plate that my great-grandmo
yafment >> tomorrow u.s. news and worl eport hosts a forum on the healthcare law. senate majority leader will take part along with the heads of the cleveland clinic and the texas medical center. we'll have live sporge on c-span 3. >> author on america's call for scientists and engineers. >> as nasa's future goes, so to does that of america. and if nasa is healthy, then you don't need a program to convince people that science and engineering is good to do because they'll see it large on the paper. there will be calls for engineers to help us go eyes fishing where there is an ocean of liquid for billions of years. we're going to dig through the soils and look for life. look at the nasa portfolio today. it's got biology, chemistry, physics, aerospace engineers, electrical engineers, all the stem fields. science technology, engineering and math represented in the nasaport. a healthy nasa pump that is. it's a fly wheel that society taps for invasions. >> over the past 15 years book tv aired over 40,000 programs about non-fiction books and thors. ? what's the most important issue congress shou
with you can see the hearing live tomorrow morning at 10:00 eastern on c-span3. wednesday, kathleen sebelius appear before committee about problems on the website. 9:00 a.m. eastern on wednesday. this morning we spoke about several congressional reporters, and this is just over 40 minutes. host: a lot of activity going on, and to reporters with us -- reporters with us. by a staff writer for the publication "cq roll call." let's start with some of the high points. what are we expecting this week? will: one of the things we see this week that we have not seen enough, two conference meeting, a jointt house-senate conference committee to try to hammer out a heel on how much money will be spent going forward. we will also see a farm bill conference kick off, and as a part of that, another attempt for negotiators to get a deal done between the two chambers on farm programs and food stamps and how they will work going forward. it is been a long time since we saw the conference process or in both of these conferences. they have been blocked from happening over the last several mon
. what is that costing? we are not going into the $600 million range, are we? i cannot answer that. a it seems the government has habit of spending too much money on bad websites. is there a process in place to try to move some of this training done at these high dollar conferences to online? you look at the general trend in -- allining community sorts of opportunities to do this online. can you give me an overview of what you're trying to do to move more of this online? >> you are right. we have a management system that has numerous courses. we do webcasts, virtual blended training, and we are looking that training. training can be accomplished in other forms. >> my time has expired. thank you. >> let me recognize the gentleman from virginia. >> thank you, mr. chairman. congresswoman duckworth wanted me to point out that you are here after a 30 year career in the united states army. is that correct? --behalf of mrs. congresswoman duckworth and myself, thank you for your service. >> thank you, it has been my privilege. >> mr. murray, you answered on furloughs. he asked
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